Aldi Is Launching A Huge ‘Harry Potter’ Range This Month

Aldi Is Launching A Huge 'Harry Potter' Range This Month

Aldi’s middle aisle is already pretty magical as it is, but an exciting new launch is set to take the Specialbuys section to new realms of shopping wizardry.

From Sunday 24th, the supermarket is launching a Harry Potter range both instore and online which is contains some super exciting products centred on the much loved kid’s books.

If you download the app, the cloak turns invisible! (Credit: Aldi)

Available to pre-order online now, the brand new range includes the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak (£27.99) which is sure to be a hit with young fans.

The incredible floor-length navy cloak features silver details, and the best part is, it actually turns invisible! Well, kind of…

If you download Aldi’s app and set up a tripod, shoppers can cove themselves with the cloak and disappear in seconds – a trick that’s sure to delight little ones.

On how about a 'Harry Potter' painting wand? (Credit: Aldi)

Also in the range is Aldi’s Harry Potter Light Painting Wand (£12.99), a must have for any with or wizard. The wand features an an ultra-bright LED tip which can be activated using a hidden button.

If you download the free WOW! Stuff Light Painting App, you can use your wand to recreate famous duels or practice drawing your Patronus. Cool, eh?

The collection also features LEGO:registered: Hogwarts:tm: Great Hall (£74.99), which is one for the adults as well as the kids. The LEGO toy is complete with the mystical moving staircase, 10 minifigures, the infamous Sorting Hat and the great Mirror of Erised.

There’s also the LEGO:registered: Quidditch:tm: Match (£29.99), where shopping an set up house tournaments, and the LEGO:registered: The Knight Bus:tm: (£29.99).

If your children are using isolation to get arty, the range also features the Harry Potter Colouring Book (£4.99) and Harry Potter Scratch Magic Book (£4.99) where the magical world comes to life with amazing images.

There's also some pretty cool bedding to nab (Credit: Aldi)

Finally, there’s a ton of HP homeware to give your isolation base a magical feel, from the Harry Potter MYO House Scarf (£3.99) to the Harry Potter Double/Single Duvet set (£14.99/£12.99) and Harry Potter Cushions (£4.99).

Aldi’s full Harry Potter range is available online and in stores from 24th May and available to pre-order online now.

Happy shopping, witches and wizards!

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