Bayern Donate 460,000 Euros To Amatuer Sides

Bayern Munich donated 460,000 euros to the 18 teams in the Bavarian Regional League and the Bavarian Sports Federation to get through the COVID-19 crisis.

Bayern Munich made a 460,000 euros donation to the 18 teams in the Bavarian Regional League and Bavarian Sports Federation. The clubs of the Bavarian Regional League will receive 20,000 euros each and the Federation 100,000 euros.

The funds come from a campaign through which the fans who had tickets for Bayern matches this season had the possiblity of choosing between them getting their money back or to allocate it to the FC-Bayern Hilfe organisation.

“I would like to say a big thank you to the fans”, FC Bayern Hilfe chairman, Klaus Höpfner, said.

“With this campaign we want to support the clubs in the Bayern Regionalliga during the coronavirus crisis. The Bavarian State Sports Association makes an enormous contribution to society, and we want to help here as well. The financial situation is tense in many places. It is about preserving the structures of our sporting landscape”, he added.

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